Pete Borum, CEO Reelio

"Mark is an exceptionally insightful, efficient, and personable business consultant. He is well-connected and well-respected, willing to go out of his way to add value, and not shy about telling you the hard truths you need to confront to take your business to the next level of success. Mark has been instrumental in the early growth of our business: encouraging us to focus..."

Sean Petterson, CEO StrongArm Tech

"Mark has been a real value in the positive trajectory in the success of StrongArm Tech. At the time Mark had joined us StrongArm had been negotiating a strategic investment and distribution deal with a behemoth fortune 100 company. This particular instance Mark was able to help our small but agile company negotiate the deal to a very successful outcome highlighting..."

Bobby Sain, CEO Waitron

"A fundamental and practical value creator is how I would summarize Mark Brenner. Mark has an exceptional talent for finding solutions to problems; he addresses the key drivers of early business growth - focusing on hacking at the root of value creation rather than trimming the branches for short-term solutions. Mark has brought on experienced technical talent, provided..."

Doug Messer, CEO University Beyond

"Mark has played a significant role in the overall development of University Beyond. Mark has added value in every aspect of our business including generating customers and revenue and accessing capital. Throughout my time with him, he's been diligent, a pleasure to work with, and a true asset to the team a Mark has an incredible reputation for success across a variety of..."

Jeffrey Shear, CEO LicenseStream

"Mark has been of great value to LicenseStream and to me as the CEO by providing direction, business development practices and running a successful sale of the company as our investment banker. Mark immediately saw our potential and was able to help us better productize and describe our products to our target markets. He also organized our business development approach..."

Chris Carper, CEO Horse Races Now

"I’ve been working with Mark for about a year now and he’s been a great coach and mentor and overall great asset to our leadership team. He’s been effective at helping identify areas of growth through creative marketing and distribution strategies and through his industry connections has been instrumental in helping us augment our team with strong industry leaders. Mark carries..."

Tom McAuley, CEO Hubstar, Real Time Brackets

"Hiring Mark is the single most impactful decision that I have made as CEO. At the time we began working together, Hubstar was nothing more than an idea (pre-product, pre-users, and pre-revenue). Mark saw the potential.  He rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to help me develop an actionable business plan and product strategy, recruit a world-class team, raise capital needed to ..."

Luke Walton, CEO AIR HR and Bevy Talent

"Working with Mark over the last year has been one of the most productive and enlightening experiences of my young career. His advice and guidance is founded in his innate ability to quickly analyze any given business situation, the respective markets, and how to take advantage of or create new opportunities. Not only has Mark help me make contacts and find new business..."

Maggie Barnett, CEO City CoPilot

"Mark Brenner is the best. He skillfully guided City CoPilot through two rounds of fundraising and our NYC roll-out. As an accomplished entrepreneur he truly understands the day-to-day struggles and emotions founders face. A lot of consultants can help you strategize but Mark can empathize. His straightforward approach is not only refreshing BUT actually gets results! Any entrepreneur is lucky to have him in their corner."

Bill Brassfield, CEO PaceSetter Claims, Connect Point

"Mark successfully took our company ConnectPoint, restarted it, identified key partnerships, and within 12 months sold it to multibillion dollar insurance and mortgage aggregator Core Logics.  His efforts resulted in a very attractive return.  Mark also helped my brother Dale and me as principal owners of Pacesetter Claims open dialogue and renew our commitment to the business..."

Michael DePasquale, CEO Biokey

"Mark did an incredible job at understanding BIO-key's requirements for additional capital and more importantly, strategic relationships that would enable us to expand our business in the mobility markets. He introduced us to InterDigital a leader in the mobility and communications technology industry..."

Dan Kehoe, CEO Zobee

“Mark not only guided us in creating a process to prepare our company for sale but helped bring potential suitors to the table, enhancing the sense of urgency which resulted in a successful exit.  He understands first hand what’s it’s like to win as an entrepreneur; he’s done it many times.  Mark also encountered many challenges along the way and has the uncanny ability ..."