Tom McAuley, CEO/Chairman, The Daily Number & Real Time Brackets

"Hiring Mark is the single most impactful decision that I have made as CEO. At the time we began working together, Hubstar was nothing more than an idea (pre-product, pre-users, and pre-revenue). Mark saw the potential.  He rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to help me develop an actionable business plan and product strategy, recruit a world-class team, raise capital needed to execute, and develop key strategic partnerships to get our product to market.  

Within a year of meeting Mark, Hubstar evolved from an idea to a seed-funded company with a unique product in market, thousands of users, marquee partners, and an exciting vision for the future. In addition to the overwhelming impact that Mark has made on the company’s development, he has also provided valuable personal mentorship to me as a first-time CEO.  During our time working together, he has remained committed to his mission statement.  Thanks to Mark’s help and guidance, I believe that I will realized a return on my sacrifice as an entrepreneur and, more importantly, that our shareholders will be delivered a return on their investment."

Tom McAuley
Hubstar, Real Time Brackets