Dan Kehoe, CEO Zobee

“Mark not only guided us in creating a process to prepare our company for sale but helped bring potential suitors to the table, enhancing the sense of urgency which resulted in a successful exit.  He understands first hand what’s it’s like to win as an entrepreneur; he’s done it many times.  Mark also encountered many challenges along the way and has the uncanny ability to find pathways to success despite the many obstacles that businesses experience.  He operates with vision, focus and integrity, providing actionable steps that produce results.  

I have had the pleasure to meet some of his other very satisfied clients and it’s always the same story … Mark delivers value, and in a way that’s enjoyable during the process.  That has certainly been my experience and I’m proud to call Mark a mentor and a friend.  He comes with my highest recommendation.”  

Dan Kehoe
CEO Zobee
Fantasy Sports

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