Anthony Lage, CEO The Crowd's Line

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"Having been a CEO for four companies and understanding “what it takes” to go from “idea to exit” – Mark has a rare gift to share with early stage CEOs. The early stage startup space is littered with ex-institutional executives and high-priced consultants that seem credible but upon further review - simply do not have the scrappiness and hustle needed to survive in the startup world. Said differently, there are a lot of elixir salesman out there that do not have the self awareness to understand that they are, in fact, selling something that is not grounded in the cold, hard reality of the early stage startup space. I can say with utmost conviction that Mark is one of the few that “get it” and can help steer a company - when uncertainty is at its zenith - towards a clear path to success. Specifically, Mark helped the Crowd’s Line pivot, create a new corporate structure, create an MVP and secure data license agreements (which coincided with the TCL launch) with the largest sports media companies in the world – CBS, FOX Sports and SBNation."

Anthony Lage
The Crowd's Line